The trails in the George Washington & Jefferson National Forest are a large part of what makes Virginia's Blue Ridge America's East Coast Mountain Biking Capital.

Many of the best opportunities for mountain biking are located on national forest land, and local mountain biking enthusiasts love the trail networks because of the ability to create long, challenging, backcountry rides.

More people around the world will learn about the epic mountain biking in the national forest thanks to a new feature on the Singletracks website. The article is an outstanding, in-depth look at many of the best trails for mountain biking in the Jefferson National Forest, including some of our best local rides.

In its list of 10 of the best mountain bike trails in the forest, the story highlights Dragon's Back, Dody Ridge, and the North Mountain/Longdale Loop.

The article also recommends other fun activities in Virginia's Blue Ridge, such as checking out the Just the Right Gear bike shop, hiking on the Appalachian Trail, and camping at the Peaks of Otter.

Here is an excerpt from the intro of the piece:

"Within this tremendously large reserve, rural Southern farmland and the rest of the East Coast are kept asunder by steep, almost insurmountable ridges that can run hundreds of miles southwest to northeast. A dizzying array of some of the best singletrack anywhere, most of which is open to mountain biking, wind their way up, along, and around these ridges to form a massive web of paths binding the Forest together. To make planning the perfect mountain bike vacation in Virginia’s Blue Ridge a little easier, here’s a brief guide that should get you started."

Check out the full article on the Singletracks website.

Here's a sample itinerary to help you plan a Mountain Biking Weekend in Virginia's Blue Ridge, which includes a day of riding in the national forest.