You live in a Metropolis. You have a million dollar education, which landed you your current six figure job. You wake up at five am Monday through Friday, gym by six, office by seven thirty. Saturdays you can sleep in and work from home thanks to blackberry, webcams, clouds, email, and all our advancements in technology. Your significant other has an office downtown on the 52nd floor. They often times arrive to work around ten thirty, yet return to crawl into bed around two the next morning. One Sunday afternoon at brunch the two of you decide it is time for a romantic getaway and the only thing you can agree on is not to visit another Metropolis. Where should we go?

Roanoke, Virginia, a diverse destination serving as the fabric of historic North America, is a location rich in culture and hidden from the pains of most major cities as it is nestled along the Blue Ridge of the Appalachian Mountains. If there is a finer place for a young couple to visit as a romantic getaway I have yet to discover it among my extensive travels to Europe, Latin America, and the California Coast.  Let's take a look at a few of our favorite hot spots of Roanoke.

First, you and your significant other must arrive by plane to appreciate the vast and glorious foliage that Roanoke has to offer. Raven red's, vibrant orange's, and bright yellow's stretch as far as the eye can see over the mountain ranges leaving one breathless as you dare not take your eye off the horizon of this spectacular sight. Make sure to book Hotel Roanoke for your stay where you can enjoy a fabulous meal in one of the hotel restaurants, or stroll across the Market Square Walkway to Downtown Roanoke for shopping, dining, and Museums.

As a young couple in love vacationing from the city, you may not want to leave the amazing room of this hotel and all it's amenities, but when you do, Downtown Roanoke has a number of wonderful cultural gems and romantic offerings. The Taubman Museum of Art, beautiful in it's construction, holds one of the most extensive collections on American contemporary art specific to artists of the south. A few blocks over Chocolate Paper offers the ultimate indulgence for a delectable journey with each bite of the finest chocolates and truffles. And, the store smells great! For a quick bite to eat in a restaurant with the trendiest decor, hop on over to Cuban inspired Metro, where you can dine on juicy duck confit and braised rabbit. While, our favorite cult classic play by projection on the wall.

There are two restaurants Bleu Magazine recommends for you to have dinner. If you would like to be located in an atmosphere of breathtaking views and beautiful sunsets while tasting the chef's special Pollo Saltimbucca or Scallops with Sun Dried Tomatoes visit Carlos Brazilian International Cuisine, located atop Southwest Roanoke. Offering an array of French, Spanish, and Brazilian dishes complimented by fine wines and incredible homemade desserts, Carlos' is a must every time I visit Roanoke. Visit Shula's 347 Grill at Sheraton Roanoke Hotel. Trust me, a steak is not just a steak at Shula's. Premium Black Angus Beef steaks cooked to a perfect medium-rare at the chefs recommendation arrive tender and juicy. Paired with a rich red cabernet, you and your significant other can rekindle the romance in Roanoke.