Roanoke in Virginia’s Blue Ridge is flying high in Delta Air Lines’ Sky Magazine publication.

The region is the subject of a 24-page feature that includes interviews with local figures and stories about the many successes we’ve experienced in Virginia’s Blue Ridge over the past few years in areas of tourism, economic development, higher education, and overall quality of life.

Potential visitors who read the articles while traveling on any Delta flight this month will learn about how Roanoke has transformed from a “Train City” to a “Brain City,” how the region’s institutes of higher learning are fueling innovation and research in a variety of industries, and what makes Virginia’s Blue Ridge one of the best destinations in the country for outdoor recreation.

From local restaurants and breweries to local politicians and business owners, this profile offers an extensive view of the region and its unique experiences and personalities.

The following is an excerpt that was written by local journalist Mason Adams:

The past decade has seen the region take advantage of its location in a different way, using the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains to transcend rail roots and become a mecca for outdoor lovers and a hub for industries such as craft beer, health care, technology, and advanced manufacturing.”

Be sure to look for this feature about Roanoke & Virginia’s Blue Ridge in the April 2017 issue of Sky Magazine, which will be available in seatbacks on all Delta domestic and international flights for the month.

According to the publication’s 2017 Media Kit, Sky Magazine averages 5.4 million monthly readers.

Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge assisted in the production of the feature by working with writers and providing content & images.

Roanoke was also showcased in the April 2014 edition of the publication, which is still available online

Click here to view the digital edition of the April 2017 issue.