A road trip with friends and family is an amazing experience, but sometimes traveling solo is the way to go.

To help you plan an individual adventure, CarRentals.com put together a list of "8 Solo Road Trip Destinations," and Roanoke in Virginia's Blue Ridge is featured in the list!

CarRentals.com is an expedia group company and falls under the umbrella of one of the biggest travel brands in the world.

In the article about solo road trips, Roanoke gets high marks for its abundance of outdoor adventures, culinary experiences like the Roanoke Food Tour, and cultural attractions such as the Taubman Museum of Art & Grandin Theatre.

The following is an excerpt from the section on Roanoke:

"Even with a population of 99,660, it’s easy to be on your own in Roanoke, Virginia. Forget about everything in the world as you take in a cruise along Blue Ridge Parkway and admire the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Outside of the car, you can escape into a network of hiking trails that exist just outside the city limits."

Visit the CarRentals.com website to see the complete list.

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