ROANOKE COUNTY, VA (August 10, 2016) - At a work session on Tuesday evening, the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors received an overview of the new Adventure Plan for Explore Park. The plan makes specific recommendations for future park improvements while serving as a guide to manage the facility’s development over the next 20 years. Much of the focus will be on the expansion of recreation opportunities such as hiking/biking trails, river access, overnight camping and educational programs based on the park’s unique environmental and cultural history. County leaders envision Explore Park as the starting place for individuals and families seeking adventure and enrichment outdoors, while also attracting visitors from outside the region to spend more time in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

Online resources are now available at, including the following:

•Adventure Plan Overview Document
•Adventure Plan Map
•Description of Key Amenities to be Developed
•Description of Key Program Initiatives
•Summary of Community Input
•Copy of Board Presentation
•Complete Master Plan Document (110 pages)

The plan is the culmination of a year-long effort including extensive public feedback, strategic benchmarking and conceptual work from design firm Wallace Roberts & Todd, engineering firm Balzer & Associates, and ProsConsulting. Final documents also include a business plan, phasing report and a naturalist study.

Roanoke County Board of Supervisor Chairman Jason Peters says Explore Park is positioned to play an important role in our region’s future economic growth. “Today’s businesses and job seekers want community diversity, lifestyle amenities and entertainment choices like those being developed at Explore Park. This new plan will help Roanoke County become a more attractive place to live, work and play.”

Next steps for the park will include building recreation programs/events, enhancing park infrastructure, and seeking business or non-profit partnerships to develop and manage amenities. Explore Park is a 1,100 acre facility located on the Blue Ridge Parkway and operated by Roanoke County, Virginia under a 99-year lease with the Virginia Recreational Facilities Authority established in 2013.