The following is a Q&A with Daniel Goldstein about the Virginia's Blue Ridge Spartan Kids Race, which will be held in Roanoke County's Green Hill Park on July 21-22, 2018.

How did you become part of Spartan Kids?

I share a mutual passion for the health and wellness of children with the owner of Spartan, Joe Desena. It felt like an honor when I was asked if I could help contribute to this important part of the Spartan life style and help support the important commitment Spartan and Joe have to healthy active children. I've never looked back since. 

Why Virginia’s Blue Ridge as your next race destination? 

Virginia Blue Ridge was an easy choice as a next race mostly because the community clearly is as committed to the health and wellness of their youth as Spartan. It was clear early on that the VBR community also believed that there can be no shortage of events that reinforce healthy life style for families and kids and at the same time presented an opportunity to celebrate all the other organizations in the VBR community that share that same objective.

Where do you see the future of Spartan Kids?

Spartan Kids just keeps growing. It gets kids outside, off their electronics, physically active and hopefully bolsters their sense of self-esteem and accomplishment while having fun...and they love it. Spartan has a mission to positively impact as many kids as it can and the little spark is roaring forward with that mission. Virginia's Blue Ridge is now a cornerstone in that movement. 

What is your favorite part about Green Hill Park?  

Besides the fact that Green Hill Park is just a beautiful green space with a diverse set of assets in the property to serve the county, my favorite part of the park is that it's managed in a way that clearly reflects a set of values that dove-tail perfectly with Spartan.

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