Roanoke, VA - Sept 12, 2011 - Place makers, entrepreneurs, educators, government officials, change agents, community activists and creative thinkers from the United States and abroad will soon gather in Roanoke, Virginia for an unprecedented information and idea summit, and the focal point of the Small Cities Movement. Drawing inspiration from events like Davos and South by Southwest (SXSW),  CityWorks (X)po is the nation's largest idea exchange focused on towns and small cities.

Whether presenting an idea on how to create a more artistic ‘vibe', or learning from peers about leveraging new technologies, attendees to the inaugural CityWorks (X)po will be part of a conference like no other. They will come to collaborate, and they will leave with inspired initiatives as well as meaningful connections with colleagues from diverse disciplines who are making a positive difference.

From October 27 - 30, 2011 downtown Roanoke will be the center of activity as CityWorks (X)po highlights the communities and individuals who are inspiring extraordinary action in unexpected places. The three-day event focuses on "big ideas for small cities" and features nationally renowned speakers and panelists, including James Howard Kunstler, Nicco Mele, Kennedy Smith, Christian Sottile, Bob Lambert, Nikki Giovanni, Ben Hewitt and others.

The gathering is organized around six spheres of exponential impact:  Leadership & Good Government, Arts & Design, Capital & Social Entrepreneurship, Food & Drink, Outdoors & Recreation and Knowledge & New Media. By day, this collaborative, co-creative, and multi-disciplinary conference/festival will feature provocative presentations, riveting discussions, and engaging brainstorm sessions, and spectacular local food and street entertainment by night.

The Small Cities Movement celebrates and advances the revolutionary change of the urban landscape through the emerging technologies, culture and lifestyle unique to cities 20,000 to 120,00 in population.

CityWorks (X)po is the work of CityWorks, LLC, an organization seeking to encourage and inspire the Small Cities Movement through the free exchange of projects having exponential impact in their communities and beyond.

Managing Member of CityWorks, LLC, Ed Walker, is a social entrepreneur and urban activist based in Roanoke, VA. 



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CityWorks 24 Kirk Avenue, SW, Roanoke, VA 24011



October 27-30, 2011
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