Roanoke in Virginia's Blue Ridge is the subject of a fantastic new feature in Distinction Magazine.

The article, which is titled "Visit Virginia | Roanoke, Star City of the South," was circulated online and in the print edition of the magazine, and was written by Janine Latus, who was assisted by Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge in the creation of the piece.

Distinction Magazine is a Norfolk-based publication that focuses on culture, dining and style in the Tidewater region of Virginia, which is also a key feeder market for Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge and its marketing & public relations efforts.

The story showcases a variety of unique experiences in the region, such as craft cocktails at Lucky, railroad history & heritage at the O. Winston Link Museum and Virginia Museum of Transportation, and exciting outdoor recreation opportunities at Explore Park.

The following is an excerpt from the end of the article that beautifully describes what makes Roanoke in Virginia's Blue Ridge a special place to visit:

"Roanoke is small enough to get everywhere, yet big enough to disappear. Modern enough for creature comforts, yet rustic enough to sweat it out on a trail. Go for art. Go for the hiking and mountain biking. Go to eat until you’re full as a tick. Just go. And soon."

Check out the complete article on the Distinction Magazine website.