A new feature in West Virginia's Charleston Gazette-Mail explores the past, present and future of Virginia's Blue Ridge.

The story, titled "Treat Yourself to Past, Present and Future in Roanoke" was written by Jeanne Mozier, who experienced the region during a trip hosted by Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge.

The article focuses on a range of experiences travelers can enjoy when they visit the destination, offering restaurant recommendations, suggestions on museums to visit, and ideas for outdoor recreation.

The following is an excerpt from Mozier explaining her enjoyment of dining at Athens Corner Grill in Downtown Roanoke:

"My favorite was Athens Corner Grill, where the feta cheese in the salad is hand-ground and the best mac and cheese ever was disguised under an inch thick bechamel crust as the traditional Greek pastichio. The dish is so popular and hard to make that the owner, Dimos Tripodianos, is prevented from ordering it for himself by his brother the chef. Fortunately, as customers, we could have it.

Recipes were handed down from Dimos’ great-grandparents in Greece. Go hungry, the servings are substantial. The service and presence of the owner was dripping in charm; I was ready to eat all my meals there for the rest of the trip."

In addition to all the delicious dining options, readers will also learn about Virginia's Blue Ridge Cheers Trail, Smith Mountain Lake, the Virginia Museum of Transportation, and other signature experiences in the region.

Visit the Charleston Gazette-Mail website to see the article in its entirety.