The Coventry Commonwealth Games not only incurs a substantial economic profit for the community; it continuously nurtures a rewarding environment for all participants, young to senior with varying skill levels. Each year, the Games promote wellness and overall health encouraging active lifestyles for all the participants as well as reaching out to increase awareness concerning the importance of staying healthy.


  • With 75% of the participants 18 years old or younger, the Games target the importance of health and exercise for the future. As childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years and continues to rise, the Games encourage participants to commit to a healthy lifestyle, and to pursue their dreams. The Games also provide the opportunity to explore the benefits of making healthy decisions a part of their daily routine. Listed below are a few ways the Games inspires healthy competition and fosters a positive environment for athletes and their families:


  • The Games involve the entire family and encourage participation. Improving the entire family's diet and exercise habits is a great way to promote healthier routines for children. And the Coventry Commonwealth Games are a great way for the family to watch or take part in the activities invoking healthy competition, but also inspiring confidence from family encouragement. And above all, everyone is involved in something active, healthy, and fun!


  • People with similar interests and goals are brought together fostering growth and improvement. At the Games, everyone has similar interests and goals of competition, exercise, and health. Despite playing different sports, the Games are a unique opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together and enjoy the company of other athletes regardless of age or skill level.


  • The Games demonstrate the rewards of daily exercise and hard work. The athletes are able to showcase all the effort and dedication they have put into their sport thus far and enjoy a variety of exciting activities during the Games. From the Athlete Tailgate Party to Opening Ceremonies to the actual competitions, all the events celebrate the athletes' hard work and commitment. The Games foster an environment where the participants will hopefully want to continue working and striving towards improvement for the next game, season, and year.


  • Virginia Amateur Sports, organizers of the Coventry Commonwealth Games, hosts other programs throughout the year. Programs such as Get Healthy Virginia and Fall into Fitness encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle. The goal of Get Healthy Virginia is to inspire, foster and motivate teamwork combating growing health issues. Fall into Fitness is another opportunity to fight obesity and take part in exercise!