Corvesta, Inc. To Hire 26 IT Professionals During First Quarter 2014

Creates Recruiting Campaign to Promote Company and Region


ROANOKE, Va.-(January 30, 2014)-It may not be Silicon Valley, but the Roanoke Valley has a lot to offer IT professionals, and Corvesta, Inc. is working to spread the word.



Spurred on by the need to fill 26 technology-related positions in the first quarter of 2014, Corvesta developed the online recruiting campaign specifically designed to attract IT professionals who seek challenging and rewarding jobs and an excellent quality of life.


"Our goal is to connect with IT professionals who seek a lifestyle choice that combines professional opportunity and life balance," said Kathy Claytor, vice president of human resources for Corvesta. "We want to attract people who are looking for a great place to live, raise a family and/or enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains without having to sacrifice their professional aspirations."


Claytor explains that when traditional recruiting methods couldn't keep pace with demand for IT employees to sustain Corvesta's growth, her team decided to take their recruiting efforts to a whole new level. In addition to sharing job openings, focuses on educating potential job candidates about the region and the lifestyle it offers in order to find the best fit between the company and employees. Corvesta anticipates adding additional positions throughout the year beyond the initial 26.


The campaign was designed with input from current IT employees who shared what they love about their jobs and living here. Based on this input, Claytor and her team decided to really focus on the unique lifestyle Corvesta and the region can offer a candidate.

"By being true to that, we are able to attract employees who are well matched for the work we do and the lifestyle our region offers," shared Claytor. "We are proud to be headquartered in the Roanoke Valley, and love the life it provides us. Not one size fits all, thank goodness, and we have a lot to offer."


The campaign uses a series of online ads to cast a wide geographic net targeted toward IT professionals with three or more years of experience, who enjoy the outdoors, arts, music and other specific interests. The ads send the prospect to the webpage to learn more and to apply, if interested.


Corvesta, Inc.

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Sarah Huddle, APR