Virginia has a rich viticulture history dating back to 1619. Thomas Jefferson is often called first vintner in Virginia, but he and George Washington were both unsuccessful in growing grapes for wine making. The modern era of Virginia wine began in 1976 when Italian wine maker Gianni Zonin purchased the 1800s estate now known as Barboursville Winery Vineyards. Today, Virginia is ranked #5 in the number of wineries in the U.S. and was named one of the 10 Best Wine Destinations. 

The Blue Ridge Wine Tour is fun, informative, scenic and delicious. It's also sure to grow your appreciation of our region's hard working and passionate wine makers - and the fruits of their labor!

What to Expect:

Growing grapes is hard work, as is making wine. Yet, dedicated and passionate agricultural entrepreneurs in Virginia have answered the call. Our Blue Ridge Wine Tour was created for fun and to help support and expand appreciation for this ancient craft, right here in Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge region. Allow us to escort you to three local farm wineries where we’ll taste wines, go behind the scenes to explore vineyards and wine making facilities, learn the basics of wine making ("Wine Making 101"), and uncover the legacy of Virginia’s wine history.

Our local wines are award winning! Ever wondered how red wines get their color? Or why some wines made from red grapes are white? What’s the term "terrior" mean anyway? Why is Virginia’s climate so challenging for growing grapes? Whether you’re a casual wine drinker or a sommelier, you’re sure to enjoy a tour of our local farm wineries, lively wine conversation, and the opportunity to sample the work of our local wine artisans. Our local guides will share their knowledge and enthusiasm for our local wine scene. Chances are you’ll meet some of those involved in helping to make Virginia a top 10 Wine Destination in the U.S.

Why Take the Tour:

Our region is blessed with a rich wine making legacy. And all of our tours are part of our exploding “Think Local – Support Local – Drink Local” movement. If you’ve always wanted to visit our local wineries but never found the time, or perhaps you weren’t aware of how many farm wineries exist in our region, or you just enjoy spending an enjoyable afternoon in beautiful settings sipping wine with friends (old and new) and gaining new insights – then this tour is for you! If you’re already an expert in reading and understanding European wine labels, and have a well-stocked wine cellar – you’ll still savor touring our region’s small farm vineyards and meeting some of the dedicated and colorful personalities responsible for making Virginia a prime wine destination. If you’re a visitor to Roanoke and our region – join us early in your stay and discover Blue Ridge wines like an insider! Our wine tour adventure is a “must do” activity when in Roanoke. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you’ll never view Roanoke and Virginia’s Blue Ridge the same again.

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