Readers of the Parade Magazine website were offered a behind-the-scenes look at Black Dog Salvage and the production of its Salvage Dawgs television show, thanks to a recent article by Tamra Bolton.

Bolton, who visited the region as part of a media tour hosted by Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge, offers a glimpse into the making of season six of the hit show, which debuts on Sunday, July 31 on the DIY Network.

The article includes a conversation with Beth Glover, the executive producer of the show, who talks about the genuine relationships and fun the cast members have on the show, which has been a huge part of how they've been able to connect to such a loyal audience.

It's also played a role in helping attract visitors from around the world to Virginia's Blue Ridge to get to see the Black Dog Salvage store in person and get a chance to meet some of the familiar faces from the show.

We also get a preview of some of the things we can look forward to in the upcoming season of Salvage Dawgs, where the crew takes on restoration and unique salvage projects, working to save and repurpose historic items from buildings, churches, landmarks, and period homes.

You can read the complete article on the Parade Magazine website.

Make sure to include a trip to Black Dog Salvage during your next visit to Virginia's Blue Ridge.