The culture scene in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia’s Blue Ridge is the subject of a recent feature in The Bay State Banner.

The article is titled “Roanoke, Virginia Offers a Vibrant Culture Scene” and was written by Celina Colby, a journalist who was recently hosted by Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

The story features the Harrison Museum of African American Culture and Taubman Museum of Art, highlighting unique exhibitions that celebrate the diversity and multicultural heritage of the region.

The following is an excerpt from the story:

The Harrison focuses on the empowerment of contemporary ethnic communities through history. An exhibit on extraordinary black women in Roanoke features Anita J. Price, vice mayor and wife of Charles Price, who runs the museum. Talk about a power couple. Charles Price recounts a story of a young woman who came in to see an exhibit of hats from the collection of a prominent local. She was moved to tears by the ties to traditional headdress, and the pride that hats represented. “That’s what you hope for,” says Price, “that the exhibit will speak for itself and cause an impact.””

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According to its website, The Bay State Banner is an “African American owned news weekly that reports on the political, social, and cultural issues that are of interest to communities of color in Boston and throughout New England.”

The publication has an average of 120,000 weekly readers.