Prepare for a feast when you visit Virginia's Blue Ridge!

Pamela McKuen enjoyed many delicious meals during her trip to the region, which she featured in a post titled "Cruising the Foodie Trail Along Virginia's Blue Ridge." McKuen visited as a part of a media tour hosted by Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge.

The piece highlights some of the most popular local restaurants in Virginia's Blue Ridge, such as Fortunato, Taaza, Mac & Bob's, Ippy's Restaurant, and Pomegranate Restaurant & Gathering Place.

Here were Pamela's thoughts on the iconic Mac & Bob's calzone:

"I LOVED: The calzone with mozzarella and ricotta cheese and sliced ham wrapped in pizza dough and baked golden brown. You’ll need more than two hands to lift it!"

Read the full post and get some ideas for your next tasty meal by visiting the All the Write Places website.

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