Experience the adventure, pageantry, magic and romance of the medieval times at Roanoke County's Green Hill Park. On Saturday September 28th from 10AM to 6PM and Sunday September 29th from 10AM to 5PM ye can revisit history made reality and explore the festive tentage of merchants offering wares from mystical lands. Throughout the day ye will smell the luscious aromas of treats and turkey legs, experience music and merriment, colorful dancers, nobles, ladies, knights, and the sounds of haunting bagpipes drifting over the Blue Ridge Mountains. Attend the Faire dressed in medieval garb and receive FREE admission; otherwise entry is $5 cash-only at the gate, and those under 5 are free.

On Saturday September 28 The Highland Games will return with an exceptional line up of athletes. AWomen's Division has been added this year which will make this event truly a family affair and one you won't want to miss. You can witness several husbands and wives competing as well as a father/daughter duo from Knoxville, TN and a husband/wife/son trio from Linden Virginia. Athletes of varying skill levels will compete in seven challenging categories including Caber Toss, Sheaf Toss, Scottish Hammer Throw, Open Stone Put, 56lb & 28lb for Distance and 56lb Weight for Height. Weight categories are altered for the Women's division but don't think for one moment that these women are any less of an athlete than their male counterparts. Ye won't want to miss the incredible feats of agility and strength performed by these talented and diverse athletes!

You might find yourself enthralled with His Majesty King Blackwolf and his armor demonstration. Directly following the demonstration will be the Knighting Ceremony. We are thrilled also to announce that the White Stag Manor shall be returning complete with their unforgettable Irish Wolf Hound "Henry". The Royal Huntsman and Huntress shall be presenting the Henry's Hunt Club in which they will demonstrate medieval hunting, woodlore and archery. Smell the aroma of the smoldering coal and hear the beat of the hammer at The Mighty Mitton Clan Blacksmith Shop. A knife making demonstration shall be held each day showing the steps from block to finished blade. Learn the techniques of fencing compliments for the YMCA. Faire would not be complete without the mystical tellings of Madam Tess, Gypsy Queen and Fortune Teller. These are but to name a few of what you might find as you explore the village.

New to Faire is the group Steps in Time accompanied by the musical group Mist on the Mountain, performing colorful as well as traditional Medieval and Renaissance dances. Other performances will abound, amaze and tickle your funny bone. El Gleno Grande will return with his ridiculous entertainment, sword swallowers, belly dancers, a falconer, a magician, a jester, celtic musicians, pipes and drums and more will keep you entertained throughout your day at Faire.

The magical and ever popular Masquerade Ball will once again be held on both days! Saturday beginning at 4:30PM and Sunday beginning at 3:30PM the Masquerade Ball will begin with Her Majesty's Royal Pageant; dress for the ball if ye so desire, engage in the wooing contest and learn the dances from days of old charm.

For more details about the Green Hill Medieval Faire and Highland Games visit www.RoanokeCountyParks.com, www.facebook.com/GreenHillMedievalFaire, www.medievalfantasiesco.com or call Roanoke County's Live Learn & Play Line at (540) 387-6455.