Roanoke Star

Roanoke StarThe Roanoke Star is an iconic symbol of Virginia's Blue Ridge and a must-see spot when visiting the region.

The star sits perched atop Mill Mountain and overlooks the surrounding valley and Blue Ridge Mountains, serving as a beacon and welcoming sign to visitors.

It is illuminated every night until midnight.

As the largest, man-made, illuminated star in the world, the Roanoke Star is one of the most photographed attractions in the area and the scenic overlook at the base of the structure is a popular stop for an incredible view of the region.


The Roanoke Star was constructed in 1949 and was meant to serve as a seasonal Christmas decoration for the holiday shopping season.

Through a sponsorship from the Roanoke Merchants Association, Roy C. Kinsey of Kinsey Sign Co., along with his three sons, Roy Jr., Bob and Warren, designed and built the star.

The structure is actually three stars that are formed by 2,000 feet of neon tubing.

The star was illuminated for the first time on November 23, 1949.

Through its 65 years, the Roanoke Star has become synonymous with the region and is still one of the most talked about and recognizable icons of Virginia.


First Time Illuminated: November 23, 1949
Height of Structure: 88.5 feet
Weight of Star: 10,000 lbs.
Visibility from Air: 60 miles
Length of Neon Tubing: 2,000 feet
Current Consumed: 17,500 watts
Height Above Sea Level: 1,045 feet
Colors: Primarily illuminated white, but can include red, white, and blue for various occasions

Check out the current view from the StarCam - a live feed from a camera mounted on the star.

Starcropolis RoanokeStarcropolis - Share Your Star Story!

Share your story and experience that involves the Roanoke Star and it could be featured in Starcropolis - a theatre festival held on Mill Mountain over Labor Day weekend! Learn more and submit your story on the event's Facebook page.

What's Nearby

Located atop Mill Mountain, the Roanoke Star is easily accessible from the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 120. It's only a 15-minute drive to Downtown Roanoke by taking J.P. Fishburn Parkway down Mill Mountain and turning right on Jefferson Street, which leads to the heart of downtown.

Mill Mountain is also home to the Mill Mountain Zoo and Discovery Center, two great resources with a variety of fun, educational activities for kids.

Mill Mountain also boasts many popular hiking and biking paths and trails. Additionally, the area features great picnic spaces near the overlook at the base of the Roanoke Star.

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Roanoke Star - Roanoke Star Overlook

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